Best Dog Bike Trailers

If you’re the pet owner who wants to take his dog everywhere, he goes, then you may have considered going biking or adventure-seeking with your furry pal. One way to take your pet out on a long bike ride is to use a bike trailer. 

Think of a bike trailer as a stroller for a dog. It has a special hitch that you can attach to the back of your bicycle for easy towing. Inside the bike, the trailer is a roomy and safe area for your pet. He can sit, sleep, or just enjoy the view as you ride along.

If you have considered buying a bike trailer for your pet, then let us help you with the following top dog bike trailers in the market. 

Aosom Elite II 2-in-1 Pet Dog Bike Trailer and Stroller 

Aosom Elite II 2-in-1 Pet Dog Bike review

The Aosom Elite II is a bike trailer and a jogging stroller made for small to medium-sized dogs. It has all-weather protection with its Oxford fabric material on steel with a weather shield that is weather and sun-resistant.  

Your pet can easily enter the trailer through the zippered door. They can stick their heads out of the front or back or from the sunroof. You won’t need to worry about them falling off because this comes with a safety leash and D-ring. 

The wheels can move smoothly and safely. The rear wheels measure 20” while the front universal front wheel offers a smooth movement. And when not in use, the wheels can be quickly released and can be kept flat for easy storage and transport. It won’t take up too much space, even if you just let it stay upright in your garage or pathway. 

Sepnine 2-in-1 Medium Pet Dog Bike Trailer Bicycle Trailer and Jogger

Sepnine 2-in-1 Medium Pet Dog Bike review

The Sepnine 2-in-1 medium pet dog bike trailer is also a jogger. You can easily convert this from a trailer to a jogger in just minutes. Just remove the wheel in front and hook up the hitch to transform it into a bike trailer. Your dog can enter through the zippered door in front without a worry.

The sides of the trailer are made of mesh fabric, making this trailer well-ventilated. Your dog can also put its head out of the trailer to enjoy some air; you can keep your dog on its leash and secure it inside so it won’t fall off as you ride. 

The wheels are large at the back and the front for easy, free-wheeling. It comes with a steel frame, so it’s strong and easy to take up to medium-sized dogs. And when you are done with your trip, you can fold it flat for easy storage and transport. This dog bike trailer is available in four different colors to match you and your pet’s style.   

PetSafe Solvit HoundAbout Pet Bicycle Trailer for Dogs and Cats

PetSafe Solvit HoundAbout Pet Bicycle review

The PetSafe Solvit HoundAbout is a bike trailer made for dogs and cats. It is made from durable steel with two large wheels. Your pet can enter from the zippered door at the back; he can also enjoy the view from the back, side, or front windows but still remain shaded from the sun.

It is a safe and secure trailer with a safety tether inside the trailer. This is attached to your pet’s harness to keep it safe as you hit the road. You also get a trailer hitch that easily connects to the back of your bike. When you’re done riding, just disconnect the hitch from your bike and keep it for next time. 

You don’t need to bring a bag for your pet because this bike trailer has large storage pouches where you can place his food, water, and poop bags. You can also place a blanket inside so your pet can sleep as it rides.

The PetSafe bike trailer is available in medium and large sizes. If you have a cat or a small dog, then a medium trailer is for you. For medium to larger dogs, the large trailer will surely fit them well. 

ibiyaya 3 Wheel Dog Stroller for Small and Medium Dogs with Cup Holders

Ibiyaya 2-in-1 Pet Strollers/Bicycle review

Ride a bike or jog with your pet with this pet stroller/bike trailer ideal for single to multiple dogs. This is a compact bike trailer with a roomy cabin that can still go through standard doors and hallways. This pet stroller/jogger has an enclosed cabin, a rear bike brake system, reflective plates, and a bright flag for safety. 

This won’t be a horror to assemble once it arrives. It will be delivered to you ready to use. It even comes with three quick-released, air-filled tires so you can use it as soon as you open the box. And when you’re done, you can fold it down to keep it away. 

And as a bonus, you also get a rain cover that will fit the entire carrier in case it rains and to protect your pet from dust and mud. The pad and cabin material can be detached from the frame and washed.

PetEgo Stroller Conversion Kit

PetEgo Comfort Wagon Dog Bike Trailer review

The PetEgo Comfort is a wagon dog bike trailer with an aluminum frame that will hold your pet no matter where you go. Instead of just wheels, the trailer has wheel suspensions for a luxurious ride. Your pet can stay inside and enjoy the breeze because it comes with a mesh screen. He can also peek through the windows or doors to get some fresh air. 

The cabin material is machine-washable, easy to clean, and durable. And when you’re done riding, this bike trailer can be folded down. This is not a stroller but only a bike trailer, and you can’t update or upgrade it at all.

Updated bike trailers are safe but keep your pet safer by keeping it in its leash while inside the trailer. Don’t take risks. Also, ride your bike on designated bike lanes only and not on the street because riding with a dog bike trailer may not legal in your area. 

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