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(n) – a place of refuge

Every Creature Counts (ECC) began in 1992, and was originally focused on serving the feral cat population through TNR (trap-neuter-return). A small team of volunteers worked tirelessly, trapping feral cats and returning them to closely monitored colonies once they were spayed and neutered. The sanctuary began on a small scale at this time as well, offering shelter for those cats too old or ill to be returned to their colonies. ECC also began to facilitate cat adoptions from the sanctuary, matching families with wonderful beings in need of homes. From the beginning, ECC has been committed to providing lifetime care to every animal under its umbrella that, due to either health or behavioral concerns, is unavailable for adoption. As a no-kill organization, planning for the care of permanent resident animals is a constant consideration and we have expanded our sanctuary numerous times to meet the needs of our animals that call us “home”.

In 1994, ECC partnered with PetsMart, and began featuring cats in store Adoption Centers. This partnership immediately broadened the scope of ECC, with adoptable cats reaching a greater population of people seeking to add to their families. With this new adoption venue, ECC began to rescue cats from local shelters on a larger scale. In 1996, ECC’s partnership with PetsMart expanded to include dogs for adoption, and the number of dogs ECC was able to rescue from local shelters increased tremendously. With PetsMart as our adoption venue, thousand of animals that received very little adoption exposure at shelters were able to find their forever homes and get their second chance at a being loved and cared for.

In 2001, ECC fulfilled a long time goal and opened the doors to it’s mobile low cost spay/neuter clinic. The first and foremost way to combat pet overpopulation is through spay and neuter, and providing a low cost outlet to communities in Colorado is a critical component. Affordable and available spay/neuter services does significantly impact the homeless pet population and ECC is proud to offer these services. The clinic is located at the Every Creature Counts facility in Fort Lupton and serves the community six days a week.

Despite humble beginnings, ECC has had a momentous impact on pet overpopulation, through adoptions and spay/neuter. Since 1992, over 16,100 cats and dogs have found forever homes through ECC and over 44,000 dogs and cats have been serviced at the spay/neuter clinic.

ECC continues to make a difference and with each new year, marks continued growth and success. The breadth and scope of ECC will continue to expand, until the battle to end pet overpopulation is a battle of the past.

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