Every Creature Counts - Dog Application

Please copy this page to a Microsoft Word document, fill out the application with as much detail as possible, then save and email as an attachment to apps@everycreaturecounts.org You can also copy the questions into the body of your email, fill in the answers, and email to us.

Animal’s Name:_______________________________


Please take time to carefully read and complete the following questions. These questions are designed to assist with placing our dogs in the correct environment for their personality and needs. It is our intention to adopt dogs to those who will consider them an important part of their family. We may not be able to reach a decision for 24 hours if we have other applications pending.

1. Are you willing to allow Every Creature Counts to perform a home visit? Yes or No? ______

2. How long have you been looking to adopt a dog?______________________

3. Have you ever adopted an animal from Every Creature Counts before? Yes or No?______

4. Is everyone in your household in agreement with this adoption? Yes or No? ______

5. I currently live in: (Please Bold) House....Apartment....Duplex....Mobile_home....Condo...Townhome

6. Do you rent or own?__________________________         

7. Do you have any children?______________ What are their ages?___________________________

8. If you rent your residence, are you allowed to own a pet(s) and have you met the requirements of your
 lease to have a dog?________________ Please list your Landlord’s name and phone number: _______________________________________________________________________________

9. Are you looking for an inside.....inside/outside.....or outside dog?_______________________________

10. Is your yard completely fenced in?____________ How high is your fence?________________

11. Do you have any other pets?____ How many?_____ What kind?_________________________
_______ Are they spayed and neutered?________

12. If you have had other animals, please explain what happened to them. ________________________________________________________________________


13. How many hours per day will the animal be inside____________ and/or outside?_______________. Other-explain__________________________________________________________________

14. Where will the dog be when you are home?___________________________________

15. Where will your dog sleep at night? (Please be specific as possible) __________________________________________________________________________

16. How many hours a day will your dog be alone?_________________ During that time, where will the dog be?____________________________________

17. Will the dog be spending time in a dog crate on a daily basis?______ If so, please provide the reason: ________________________________________________________________

Please answer the following questions:

18. What type of food will you feed you dog?____________________________________________ 
If the dog requires a particular food preference, will you supply it?______

19. Are you willing to make a lifetime commitment to your dog even if you have a life-style change 
such as: moving, divorce, marriage, children, etc.?__________

20. If something happens that you or members of your household can no longer care for this dog, 
who will assume the responsibility?________________________________________________

21. How will you discipline your dog for: Digging______________________________ Barking____________________________ Chewing________________________________

22. How will you exercise your dog?_______________________________________________

23. Why do you think you will be a good home for this dog?


As a potential adopter, please read the following section.  Printing your name signals your acknowledgment and agreement.

Every Creature Counts has the right to approve or deny the adoption application.
I understand that Every Creature Counts will contact me within 24 hours with the status of my application. If you do not receive a response within 24 hours, please contact us for an update.
I must be eighteen(18) years of age or older.
This application will not be returned but retained by Every Creature Counts.

I have read and understand the conditions of the adoption application.




Home Phone (_____)___________________ Work (_____)___________________ Cell(____)__________________

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