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It is with great pleasure that we present a sampling of our ECC Alumni. Nothing brings us greater joy
than to receive happy tales of a newly adopted animal from their forever family. These beautiful creatures
were once homeless and have found themselves with a second chance to live the life they deserve.
Thank you to our adopting families for sharing your stories with us.
These small joys make every challenge we face well worth the effort.

If you have an adoption story you would like to share with us, please email us and attach any photos you would like us to include!

Dobby, adopted December 2006
Dobby is one of our favorite adoption stories of the year. Dobby was adopted directly from our sanctuary - he is Leukemia positive and came to us from a local shelter. We expected that Dobby would spend his life with us, and our other Leukemia positive cats, but that was certainly not his fate! We received an inquiry from a family looking for a Leukemia positive kitty, to be a friend for their Leukemia positive cat. We knew they would fall in love with Dobby the minute they saw his beautiful face, so we quickly arranged a meeting. Dobby is now living happily ever after in his forever home, with his new friend and roommate, Abner. We are so very grateful to Dobby's family for giving him a second chance to have a real home.

Joey, adopted September 2006 and Julia, adopted December 2006
Joey was adopted by a wonderful family, after undergoing knee surgery necessary to treat a torn ACL. His family contacted us in December and gave us the sad news that their other dog, Daisy Mae, had passed away. With Daisy's loss, they were looking for a new friend for Joey and had fallen in love with Julia's photo on our website. We were thrilled to send Julia home to live with her new big brother! Joey, and now Julia Mae, are very much loved.

Apollo, adopted October 2006
Apollo came to us from a shelter in northern Wyoming, where he had spent many months hoping to find his new family. We placed him in an adoption center and hoped that his new forever home would find him very soon. We were so happy when Apollo's new family finally found the kitty of their dreams and brought him home. Apollo is now living the life he deserves, where he receives lots of love and affection every day.
Chauncey, adopted August 2006
Chauncey takes his role as co-pilot very seriously according to his mom, and is making friends wherever he goes. Even his feline roommate can't resist his handsome face and has become his pal. Chauncey is a very special guy that has found a very special home where he is loved and treasured - just ask his grandma!
Max, adopted April 2006
Max (right) has found himself a wonderful forever home and a new best friend! Max's mom reports the Max and his bud Pepper love to play and wrestle. Max enjoys his daily walks and loves to follow his mom around everywhere. We are so happy to hear how well loved and cared for Max is in his forever home!
Wrangler, adopted October 2006
Wrangler (top) spent an exhausting first Christmas with his new family vacationing at Grand Lake. Nicknamed 'Curious George', Wrangler spends his days investigating until he wears himself out and takes a much needed snooze. Wrangler and his roommate, Buster, are best friends and keep their family very busy! Thank you to Wrangler's family for providing his forever home.
Ellie-Belle, adopted December 2006
Ellie-Belle is a delightful senior citizen that was given a second chance by her wonderful new family. The number of senior dogs and cats in need of homes is staggering, so we could not be more ecstatic when we find a family willing to open their home to an older animal in need. We hear that Ellie-Belle and her two feline companions are doing quite well together.

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